Specialized, comprehensive & high quality treatment

  • Prolonged treatment sessions

  • One-on-one attention from the therapist

  • Exceptional and faster results (i.e., fewer trips to the clinic)

  • Specialty clinic setting

Invest in your health

You will find that this type of physical therapy is like none other! Cherie strives to create a partnership with each patient that focuses 100% on each individual's needs and goals. Each patient is provided with a very thorough evaluation to assess the primary causes and contributors to their pain or performance impairments. From there, the patient is provided with a comprehensive plan of care including highly skilled manual therapy and body-work, movement re-education and training, strengthening and stretching to address muscle imbalances, and most importantly the patient is given tools and resources to address their impairments at home.

Cherie's patients receive much more than rehabilitation of their injuries, they receive the knowledge and training to properly take care of their own bodies for a lifetime.


Physical Therapy Services

$250 Evaluation (90 minutes-60 minute Eval and 30 minute treatment)

$200 Follow-up visit (60 minutes)


5 pack: $180/visit = $900

10 pack: $175/visit =$1750